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Part of the Story of How I Came
to YOUNG LIVING Products

As a breeder of Himalayan & Persian cats, I am frequently asked questions about feline healthcare.  These discussions come up among breeders, with people getting a new pet, and with existing pet owners with questions about the care of felines of all ages.  If you have a cat, dog or any other living thing - chances are at some point it will require some level of healthcare.  Just like we get colds, so can cats.  Just like we have allergies, so can cats.  Just like we can have a nervous stomach, so can a cat.     I have literally spent hours researching information to address the questions discussed among both feline breeders and owners. But- let me clearly state that I am NOT a vet. nor I do not advocate abandoning normal vet care.  More times than not, good vet care takes care of any problems.  But there are clearly times when "something else" is perhaps needed or should be considered, if traditional methods have been tried and been unsuccessful.

In Spring 2010 a really nice woman who was getting a kitten from me was concerned about its flight to her, whether flying stresses the kittens.  She told me she uses a holistic remedy for her dog and herself  - for calming effects, and she suggested I might try it for kittens being shipped.  I never did.   Then  in a single week I had the following  chain of events  that  brought that recommendation back to mind:

  •  A show breeder told me she never goes to a cat show without a holistic remedy in her bag to keep her cats calm.
  •  A vet friend of mine  had a cat with chronic diarrhea that didn't respond to traditional treatments but was cured with a "holistic concoction" within two days!
  •  A friend with a sick, aging cat had taken it to specialists and nothing done helped.  She heard about YOUNG LIVING products from a friend of hers whose horse had been cured with YOUNG LIVING treatments, after traditional vet care had been unsuccessful.  She tried them with her senior cat and it made a world of difference.  So much so that she now takes various remedies for herself.  And it is through her that I became aware of these products and have spent time researching the products and the company - and using them myself!
  • An issue of Cat Fancy magazine had an article about the benefits of certain holistic remedies.   

Holistic Veterinary Organizations - Click here for links to find a holistic vet in your area. Provided by the Cat Channel online.


Natural Pet Care with Essential Oils

The therapeutic benefits of essential oils are meant for every member of the family, including pets. Whether your best friend is in need of a bath, a mood boost, or suffering from minor skin irritation, Young Living has a pet-friendly solution.

Young Living's Most Popular Products for Pets

  • AnimalScents™ Shampoo: Cleans, conditions, and protects your pet's coat without harmful ingredients.

  • AnimalScents™ Ointment: A protective and soothing salve formulated for external use on animals.

Did You Know: Essential Oils Pet Care Kit

Veterinarian Dr. Mary Hess of Madison, Wisconsin, recommends that every pet owner carry an essential oil care kit for pets. Based on her experience as a veterinarian, Dr. Hess suggests these Young Living essential oil blends to keep pets feeling their best.

  • Peace & Calming® essential oil blend: Ideal for stress, fear, anxiety, and similar conditions, Peace & Calming blend can help calm your pet. If the pet is injured, Peace & Calming blend can relax the animal enough to administer other treatments. It can also be used on cats that are resistant to other forms of treatment for urinary problems or that excessively groom themselves.

  • Purification® essential oil blend: Useful for external parasites, such as fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes.

  • Thieves® essential oil blend: Perfect for minor wounds, abrasions, and lacerations, Thieves blend can also be used for dental concerns. It is safe for kittens and puppies.

  • Melrose™ essential oil blend: Used in conjunction with R.C. and Raven blends, Melrose blend provides respiratory support and can also be used on minor wounds, abrasions, and lacerations if Thieves blend can't be tolerated.

  • R.C.™ essential oil blend: Ideal for respiratory and urinary tract support, R.C blend is practical for cats that require bladder fortification, when conventional therapies fail. (It can be paired with Raven blend for added support.)

  • Raven™ essential oil blend: Used for respiratory and urinary tract support, Raven blend is more powerful than R.C. blend and features essentials oils not found in the latter. Combined, the two oils are highly effective.

  • Di-Gize™ essential oil blend: Gastrointestinal systems respond well to this blend. Nutmeg and ginger can be added for additional support.

  • PanAway® essential oil blend: Valuable for relieving discomfort and relaxing the muscles, ligaments, and tendons. This oil blend can be used alone or in addition to other essential oils that aid in general discomfort. Using a moist towel over the area increases the effectiveness of the oils.

  • Relieve It™ essential oil blend: Especially beneficial for relieving discomfort, Relieve It blend can be alternated with PanAway blend.