Blue Point
Himalayan Litter 
BORN 1/21/11
Cosmic "Cowboy" of Lapeyrouse
DAM:  Tinyclaws Lady "Shiloh"
of Lapeyrouse

TOO CUTE!!! Just had to post this one!

I honestly don't know which one this is that popped his little head up when I was snapping photos!

If your kitten doesn't have as many new photos as some of the others in any one week, chances are yours will have more the following week.  It all depends on what any given kitten is doing when I take photos, as I don't pose them as they get bigger each week but try to take photos of them playing and just being natural in their environment.  
Blue Points are born with their body fur a bit on the taupe or fawn coloring side.  As they grow out their kitten fur, the undercoat is much lighter and the darker fur eventually grows off.  Also, depending on the lighting the room or with my camera, sometimes the kittens may look darker than other times.  If you will look at photos on the Past Kitten page and Testimonial page of older Blue Point kittens,  you'll be able to better determine the color your kitten will be.  They will be the lighter color in those photos regardless of how their baby photos are.  


Adopted by Rebecca
Austin TX


Apologies for the delay in new photos.  I've gotten everyone so spoiled with the slideshows!  It has just been really busy with family, friends, and other projects that have been interruptions from cats and kittens.  Staying on top of basic chores has been all I've been able to keep up with lately.  But I'm working toward getting back into my routine, although some of these other things are still ongoing. 

MEANWHILE, Shiloh and your babies are all in my bedroom and the kittens have begun to explore away from their bed.  That always makes Shiloh nervous for a while until she's confident they won't get hurt or lost.  She's a very paws-on mom.  The kittens are beginning to play with toys as well as more with each other. They sleep less and play more now.  They're drinking some water but not eating "real food" yet and litter box training is a lot of work at this stage because they're still clueless. 

In about a week, I will be bringing them from my bedroom into the living area and "turning them loose" to explore and play.  That is when I'll start getting cute photos.  Up until now they've mostly ate, slept, ate, slept.  They're all adorable and beginning to demonstrate different personalities.  I'll soon be able to tell you more about that regarding each one, as that is what is developing more right now. They are still little, not exactly running and romping yet so much as cautiously exploring all the newness around them, exploring their own abilities, and playing more with each other than just cuddling up to nap together so much.  In other words, it's a transition time for them and Shiloh.  They're basically at the stage that a human baby is that has begun to learn to walk but still can't run, is curious about everything around them but a little uncertain about some of it, wanting to venture from mom more but still very attached to her and their siblings.  Their bed is still their comfort zone they go back to. They're not bold enough to nap just anywhere in the room.  They still like the security of napping together and nursing on mom and having her groom them, etc. 

SO...I'll post new photos any day now and next week pick up the slack when I've brought them into the living area where there are more toys, a cat tower, and all kinds of new adventures awaiting them!

Adopted by Cathy
Oklahoma City OK
Also Home of "BELLA"
on Adopted Page


Adopted by Sonia 
Santa Domingo
Dominican Republic


Adopted by Hugh
New York City, NY

Adopted by RON
The Woodlands TX