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Bella is a beautiful kitten and we love her very much. I would not trade her for any other kitten on the planet. You are a good breeder and your kittens are very sweet. I can't wait until I get Bernie and I am proud to show them off to anyone. I would also recommend you to anyone wanting an adorable kitten. I also am grateful you are so knowledgeable and I have you to go to for answers to any of my questions or concerns.  I came to you when I lost my Martina. I still miss her but having Bella makes me happy now. I knew when I talked to you that I wanted to get one of your kittens. I also felt that way after looking at your web site. Bella eats, plays a while and then takes a nap on Danny. We are having a blast watching her and playing with her. She is everything we wanted and more! Please feel free to put my testimonial and any part of this email on your site if you wish.  - Cathy - Oklahoma City OK - March 2, 2011

Want to thank you for my 2, soon to be three babies!  I can not ask for more, besides having absolutley georgous kittens, they are the closest you can get to humans as you can ever get.
Rocky is so big and has changed so much, he is very protective of Mia (when he wants) but also so playful with her, he loves to lay back and get groomed, and loves his trips to see his friends at the adult daycare I take him to - he transforms himself, plus just between us...he LOVES the attention he gets from all of the grandmas and grandpas, and he makes them so happy!
Mia on the other hand is my little baby girl!!! She is adorable, loves to climb and sit on my tummy while she takes her nap LOL, She will demand to get attention as soon as I wake up and as soon as I get home...that is a MUST or she just wont be quiet....She is the sweetest kitten I have ever met....
Thank You, Debbie, for letting your babies be part of my family ....Looking forward to Rambo...that's going to be a blast!!!!
- Analy, Laredo TX - March 1, 2011

Riley is super awesome!!  He's absolutely gorgeous and all over the place!  It's so hard to get a picture of him since he's always on the move.  Unless he's sleeping.  He's such a sweet kitty and he's certainly learned that I'm his new mommy. I really didn't want to come to work today.  I wanted to spend more time with him!  I'm hoping my day goes super fast so I can get home and have him in my arms!!!  He's such a good sweet cat!  We love love love him!!! 

- Lucy, Austin TX - Feb. 28, 2011

Our little girl is something else!!   Debbie, thank you so much.  We are just so pleased with what you have given us!  Her energy, personality and beauty is all we wanted.  We really are soo glad that we found you as a breeder.  We will be back!!!

The Schroeders, Gonzales  TX  - Feb. 19,2011

Just a quick note about the babies!   They are doing great!   Everyone loves each other!   They are so adorable!   They have even managed to make the peace with Cambyses!   Toby is such a brave little man!   He is the peacemaker!   Emily has impressed us with her charm!   She loves to play and is a great athlete! Lol!   She has flown through the air!   She is no longer shy and timid!  She purrs all of the time !   During the day I have them all over the house with supervision, when I go to bed, I put them in the study, in their beds and they love it!   I go in and check them and they are always cuddled together and sleeping ! Then they are ready to play at 5am!   Lol!  No problem with eating, drinking or pooping!   They are perfect!
They are just everything I had dreamed of and more!  No issues at all! Emily has the most beautiful, big eyes on her petite face!  Her coat is perfect and interesting to look at, including her little cream foot!  Did you ever notice, under her perfect nose she has a perfect bow tie?! It is cream!  Toby, well he is perfect and an amazing baby!   
Thank you, Debbie!!  I feel as if I have won the lottery with my new kitty babies!!!!   Thank you, again, for making them so sweet and beautiful!!!

- Scheri, Plano TX - Feb. 2011

Kissy is GORGEOUS. Just wanted to let you know!!!  So lovely.  She's just gorgeous and sweet and wonderful!!!  I love this kitten!!  Lovely in ever sense of the word and such a doll!

Miranda Pahl, Nyaako Cattery -  Greensboro NC, Jan. 2011

Dapper Dan's personality gets more and more remarkable! It's like he is trained! From his bathroom habits to his play and sleeping habits. Forgive me if I repeat myself, but we just didn't expect him to act like he does! He will actually sleep with me on his own. He hasn't shown the slightest bit of fear or hesitation.  He acts like a tough guy in everything he does but is so gentle and cuddly when he lays down with us. 
- Mark, Byran TX  - Fall 2010


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It's soooooooooooo important to let you know just how ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL THIS KITTEN IS . . . whether his name is Brecon or whoever else from his litter, THIS IS ONE TOTALLY BEAUTIFUL AND SWEET KITTEN!!!!!!!! Debbie, you are breeding totally wonderful kittens . . . gorgeous, loving, fun, lively, and totally joyful dispositions . . . this little boy blows my mind how sweet he is!!!! He is a TOTAL LITTLE LOVE BUG!!!!!!!!! I can't say enough about him . . . I soooooooooooooooooo totally love this little boy Debbie. YOU ARE AN EXCELLENT BREEDER!!!!!!! . . . . from the bottom of my heart, this is one beautiful and superb little boy with a disposition every good mother hopes for!!!!! Thank you Debbie for a totally beautiful little boy!!!!! He's soooooooooooo sweet!!!!!!!    He IS soooooooooo fuzzy and sweet and loving and beautiful. This little boy has stolen my heart . . . like I knew he would . . . but he has a personality to die for!  Debbie the truth is you breed lovely lovely lovely kittens . . . so who wouldn't want another one???? Can you eat ONE potato chip . . . . your kittens are SOOOOOOOO LOVELY!!!!!!! This little boy is beyond words . . . funny, beautiful, lively, sweet, darling, wild child, etc etc etc How much can I love him.  THANK YOU DEBBIE!!!!!!!  - JACKIE, Buffalo NY - Summer 2010

FROM JACKIE - A YEAR LATER... Hi Debbie.  As for Brecky, YES I did celebrate his birthday on January 24th!!!! Those pictures were really taken on his birthday and, yes, he looked so proud of himself. Tulsi attempted to sing at the party and I just happened to catch her . . . perfect timing and actually while we were celebrating his birthday!!!! He's such a little love bug. He's a sweet and dear and huggable little boy. He looks at Tulsi and recognizes that she's has a real wild streak and I think he's amazed with her. He's much more placid. However, he romps through the house and jumps up on his kitty perch...he gets such momentum going.  I just love him soooooooooo much. He's my little cuddlebug . . . I call him my little huggleberry!!!! He's so dear and he and Tulsi just crack me up laughing. They love each other and play and play and play. They are 3 months apart almost to the day; she's October 23rd & he's January 24th! They're sooooo cute together.  You have BEAUTIFUL BABIES Debbie!!!! I LOVE BRECKY!!!  - Jackie - Buffalo NY, Feb. 21, 2011

Last January, we lost our beloved black persian cat and were devastated.  He was such a special kitty that we felt he could never be replaced, but boy, were we wrong.  We searched and searched breeder's websites, but nothing seemed to feel right, until we found Debbie.  I really feel like we were led to her!  Everything about her was so wonderful!  That's where we found Merlin (formerly known as Santana), and it was love at first sight!!  I called Debbie and found her to be just about the most wonderful person I had ever met!  She has so much love for all her kitties and truly goes beyond the call of duty to make sure that they are all healthy, happy, and loving.  I have never known a breeder that has so much knowledge, and goes to such great lengths to make sure that each kitty is healthy and loving before we get them in our forever homes.  My husband then found Captain Jack on her website, and we again fell in love!  He surprised me by getting in touch with Debbie to adopt Jack, as well!!  We will be getting Merlin in another week and can't wait, but we've had Jack for a month and we are totally in love with him!!  He is cuddly, loving, and playful (we could watch him for hours).  He constantly entertains our 12 year old cat, Yoda!
About the pictures she takes of the kitties--when we picked up Captain Jack, we recognized him immediately from his picture and also Merlin!!  We love the way she keeps us updated with photos while we are waiting to bring them home!
I would HIGHLY recommend Debbie to anyone wanting a very special kitty.  We are so happy to have found her--she always has time to answer all my questions. She always takes the time to email me, even though her days are extremely busy!  She's very special--not only do we have two precious kitties, but also a wonderful friendship with Debbie!!  How great is that!

- Sue, Spring TX - Summer 2010

Hi Debbie:
It's amazing how things work out.  I can't tell you how many sites I visited before I chose you - there is just something so open and honest about you and it felt right to me.  Things happen for a reason and we will always have Sebastian as our connection (and who knows possibly more kittens sometime in the future).
I will highly recommend you to anyone thinking of adopting a kitten.  The time and love you've showed to me with all my questions is truly remarkable, you are a extremely generous woman.  I can't thank you enough for all the advice and dedication you have given me in my choice of a kitten; although I firmly believe Sebastian chose me.
 - ELIZABETH, Mount Laurel NJ - Spring 2010

The Above Testimonial Was BEFORE Elizabeth Got Sebastian. 

Below Is AFTER.  

I have been waiting for 3 months to receive a Himalayn I purchased and named Sebastian.  I only got to see pictures during this timeframe, so when he finally shipped from Texas to Philadelphia in one of Houston's worse rain storms, I did not know what to expect.
Much to my surprise my little Sebastian managed to survive over 12 hours in an airplane and still look absolutely beautiful.  Debbie had taken the time the night prior to shipping to "sculpt" him which was her first time.  Words cannot describe how beautiful he looked after waiting for 3 months.
Debbie took such extra care with my baby.  Sebastian is litter trained, sociable and cuddly, I could not be happier.  Debbie's himalayan's are of excellent quality and when she describes how they look thru words and pictures - they are exactly as she said.  She is a honest and upfront breeder, I would highly recommend purchase of any of her kittens.  Debbie goes that extra mile and follows through even when they go to their new home.  I love my Sebastian he is everything she told me he would be and more.
I  could write lots more but you would not have enough room.

Elizabeth, Mt. Laurel NJ - Summer 2010

Delilah is just a wonderful girl! She's so loving and just as cute as a button. She's just a joy to have!! We love her soo much! She runs between my bed and my sisters bed at nite sleeping with both of us. I'm so excited to get another kitten soon to play with Delilah!  I'm so happy to be blessed with a wonderful, beautiful little girl! Thank you!

You just have the most beautiful cats!  With the absolute best personalities!  I couldn't love Delilah more! 

- Christina, Castle Hayne NC - Summer 2010

Thank you for giving me the most wonderful cats! I know I'm going to love Loki as much as I love Delilah! She's got me wrapped around her little paw lol!! 

- Christina, Castle Hayne NC - Jan. 2011

Debbie of Lapeyrouse Himalayans & Persians is a person who makes life easier and better for everyone around her. Her continual acts of thoughtfulness, kindness and unselfishness brighten each day. What she did for me in the venture of Himalayan and Persian cat world will glow in my memory, reviving pleasant feelings everytime I think about it. She is one of my favourite people. She is special and that is a fact. It is a privilege and a pleasure to know her and I THANK YOU. - Elaine from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - 2010

“Debbie, has an outstanding reputation and follows through with her word. Her cats are top quality and beautiful. I would recommend Debbie to any catlover or to just anyone who is looking for a new addition to their family or a gift for a friend. She breeds and raises the most beautiful animals. I highly recommend her.” Jo Ann, San Antonio TX -  2009
(Jo Ann got her MATTIE from me but never sent a photo!)

"COCOA" Lives in San Antonio TX


I have been blessed with the privilege of working right along side of Debbie Lapeyrouse  ...  I already have a black long-haired Chihuahua named “Bittey Bit” and a black male short hair cat named “Pepper” that was de-clawed and neutered.  My 12 year old son had always wanted a friend for Pepper.  I heard of the little black/chocolate female Persian that Debbie had and decided to get her in hopes of an incentive for my son to bring up his grades at school.  She is absolutely beautiful and that is no exaggeration.  We decided to name her “Cocoa Puff”.  Cocoa Puff has adjusted well as our new family member.  She is rather brilliant as well.  And talk, she loves to talk.  And she does communicate well.  She will talk to me in the mornings when Cameron does not get up out of bed.  She will come to me and tell me to let “Bittey Bit” back in when I let her out in the backyard to do her business.  And Coco Puff definitely does not like to be left alone by herself.  She is truly a blessing to have in our little family and exceptionally special.  We absolutely love and adore our new family member.  Thank you Debbie, I don’t know how we ever got along without our “Cocoa Puff”.
- Kelley in San Antonio TX - 2008

“I not only had the priviledge of working with Debbie...but I also gained a new family member with my son and myself. I adopted Cocoa Puff, my black Persian, from Debbie. Cocoa is a blessing to have as our last addition to our home. She is an extremely beautiful creature of God. Debbie is most knowledgeable of her cattery and loves each cat and kitten as her own. She strives to find the best and most respectable homes for her Persians. I highly recommend her to anyone that is looking for a high quality Persian cat.” - Kelley, San Antonio TX - 2009